Highs & Lows
Well it has been a long time since I have posted an entry on here. I just have no place else to post my thoughts I wouldn't want to post anywhere else. So I guess I will just use this. Anyways well I feel pretty much depressed a lot and have social anxiety. I have my highs and my lows I guess. One minute I feel happy and everything and then the next I feel sad and depressed. I do take medication for my depression but it doesn't help that much. I have also lost interest in a lot of things. I used to love watching movies a lot but now It is hard for me to find the interest to even want to watch a movie. I only watch a few shows now as I can't seem to stay interested in so many at a time. Also I am 31 and I still live with my parents. It doesn't really bother me too much living with my parents I just feel like I don't have the free will to do certain things though. I do not know how to drive nor do I want to really. I am also still a virgin if that even matters. I have never even had a girlfriend in my entire life. I just have not been that social with girls in my life nor do I feel like girls are even interested in me. I do suffer from being over weigt and have been for many years now. I suffer from a kidney disease that I've had since I was 2yrs old. The medication I have to take for it has made it hard to control my weight. I find it hard to want to lose weight nor do I feel like losing weight. I just have no desire. Anyways I just plan on using this journal as an outlet to express myself without anyone really bother to care at what I have to say. I am pretty sure not many even use livejournal that much any more. Well for now I guess I will just stay up until I am tired enough to want to sleep.


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